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Dr. Sam Sherif

Dr. Sam Sherif is the chief dentist at the Cosmetic Dental Centre. With academic qualifications from both the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, and complex trans-Altantic professional experience, Dr. Sherif takes pride in offering the finest standards in patient care.



In addition to his work at the Cosmetic Dental Centre, Dr. Sherif  maintains two private dental practices: one near Malibu, California, limited to implant and cosmetic dentistry, and one in London's Harley Street, the United Kingdom's premier medical and dental district.

After receiving his dentistry degree the world famous School of Medicine and Dentistry at Guy's, King's College and St Thomas' Hospitals, Dr. Sherif graduated from Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where he completed a five-year full-time advanced graduate prosthodontic residency. As a U.S. prosthodontist, he specialises in implant, aesthetic, and full mouth reconstructive dentistry. His fields of research relating to dental implants include micorbiology, and systematic reviews. He has lectured at Harvard University, and for major dental implant companies.

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