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A Better Way to Express Yourself this Valentine’s Day

A Better Way to Express Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Written by Alexandra Hospital, on 7th February 2014

Valentine's Day seems to be the high street's way of telling us that the only way to show how much we care is through buying material goods...lots of materials goods! Once an occasion for people to convey sincere affection, now men and women take it for granted that someone else's words printed in glossy greeting cards should express how they feel about the most important people in their lives. From cuddly toys adorned with hearts, to expensive wine, and red roses, clichéd gifts and pre-packaged sentiments are cast as the only way to mark Valentine's Day.

Inevitably, however, the saccharine words printed in cards are soon forgotten, cuddly toys (no matter how cute) are left to gather dust, and the finest imported Champagne vanishes within 24 hours. Apparently, love is fleeting! Yet, many people are now realising that, rather than relying upon such impersonal merchandise, they can express themselves far better in the most natural of ways - their own appearances.

The popularity of beauty and rejuvenation treatments has increased tremendously in recent years. Along with the general rise in cosmetic surgery (17% since 2012, as reported by the BBC), non-surgical, non-invasive treatments such as Botox® (wrinkle relaxing injections), dermal fillers (which give lift and volume to area such as the cheeks, and lips), and laser hair removal have become more and more commonplace, to the extent that, for some, having non-surgical treatment is as normal as having your nails painted, or visiting the barber.

Rather than being shy about this, ever more women (and indeed men) are considering rejuvenation options as something to undertake on a regular basis as a way of pampering themselves, and as part of an all-round investment in their general health, and self-confidence.  And, as we all know, when we feel better about our appearances, we feel better about ourselves. Whilst the usual staples of Valentine's Day, such as jewellery, and fancy garments, can, for some, add to the air of romance, nothing compares to bringing out and enhancing a person's natural beauty. And, outside of the realm of the Kardashians perhaps, any woman would prefer to be admired for her natural radiance than for her earrings.

For those who want the reassurance of having all aspects of their rejuvenation process, from consultation to treatment, carried out in a luxurious environment of the highest quality, the Alexandra Private Hospital in Chesterfield is unrivalled in the region. Providing not merely the perfect surroundings, but years of expertise, the Alexandra boasts a discreet, convenient setting matched with the most modern techniques.

So, for the more discerning of us out there, those who would like to prove once and for all that Valentine's Day is about something more than chocolates, and wine, there are other options. Rather than being led by the first cliché that hits you as you walk down the high street, perhaps consider what would be the best way to truly express yourself this 14th February.