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How Cosmetic Surgery Can Help When Diet and Exercise Alone Cannot

How Cosmetic Surgery Can Help When Diet and Exercise Alone Cannot

Written by Alexandra Hospital, on 15th January 2014

Each new year begins with ambitious New Year's resolutions. From quitting smoking to losing weight, January is the month when people harness the motivation to improve themselves, and make long-term differences in their lives. However, by the time that the last of the Christmas decorations has been packed away, many resolutions will be faltering already. When February comes, many more will have ended completely.

Perhaps that’s because most of our New Year's resolutions involve giving up or cutting back on something that we enjoy, or being determined to squeeze just one more session at the gym into our already busy lives. Inevitably, will power becomes harder to sustain, commitments at work and at home restrict our free time, and we find our bold resolutions becoming less and less practical.

Fortunately, that need not be the end of the story. Sometimes, sticking to the promises that we make to ourselves in January can be as straightforward as taking a single decision. And when this leads to doing something to improve our happiness and self-confidence, the results can be life-changing!

Whilst everyone can benefit from pursuing a healthy, balanced lifestyle, there are many things that exercise and diet cannot affect. Often, these are the things that harm our self-confidence the most. Features like crooked noses (frequently the result of injury), and excess breast tissue in men (due in many instances to family genetics) are prone to be issues that have weighed on a person's mind for many years. The same is true of women with underdeveloped breasts, or who have seen their bodies change following pregnancy, with sagging, and extra weight that no amount of exercising seems able to correct.

For many people, cosmetic surgery can be an appropriate and effective remedy. At the Alexandra Private Hospital in Chesterfield, the sole dedicated cosmetic surgery hospital in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire, every patient has his or her own reasons for considering cosmetic treatments. The role of the Hospital, and the highly trained surgeons and nurses, is to provide accurate information relevant to patients' own clinical needs, and expressed medical desires and expectations, to allow them to make their own decisions about what is right for them.

Moreover, as more and more people are realising each year, boosting our confidence about our appearance doesn't always require surgery. Increasing numbers of both men and women are finding the rejuvenation treatments that they desire in non-surgical treatments such as Botox, dermalfillers, and pain-free laser hair removal. With most of these treatments taking only a matter of minutes but yielding long-lasting results, even those of us with the busiest of schedules can attend to those parts of our appearance that effect us the most.

Of course,clinical factors differ from patient to patient, and cosmetic surgery might not be the most appropriate course for a particular person. No one should ever feel the need to pursue an image of 'perfection' portrayed in the media. Rather,each of us should make decisions based on sound medical advice, and our own desires about our own bodies.

So this year, perhaps we’ll see more people fulfilling their ambitions to improve how they feel about themselves. Committing to improving one's self-confidence is a resolution that we can stick to all year round!