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Our Approach

 We recognise and appreciate that every patient is unique, with individual medical needs, expectations, and concerns. No sales team is involved in any aspect of the service that we provide. Instead, surgeons and nurses at the Alexandra respond to your specific requirements, and outline options for you to consider.

As such, the Hospital is guided by the principles of its founder, Mr. S. Sherif (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons Ed., Glas.):

“Our goal has always been to combine the ethos of patient-centred care with the individual attention and clinical excellence of the elite healthcare field, ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of medical treatment available"

No sales team is involved in any aspect of the treatment that we provide. Your surgical consultation will be with a surgeon – not a salesperson.

Our patient care is determined by strict adherence to medical ethics, not by commercial factors. The care that you receive at the Alexandra Private Hospital will never be compromised for any reason. As such, surgeons at the Alexandra will only perform surgical procedures that they consider to be suitable for you specifically, following discussion and consultation. Your surgeon will advise against treatment options that involve more expense to you, unless such treatments correspond directly to your personal needs, and medical condition.

Medical procedures, whether for clinical or aesthetic reasons, should never be undertaken lightly. Our team’s purpose is to provide you with the information that you require to make an informed decision about your treatment. We listen and educate before we operate.

A phone call or in-person consultation should never impose an obligation upon a patient. We want all patients who enquire about our services to make their decisions in a calm, pressure-free atmosphere. Patient care is our priority.

One of the consulting rooms at the Hospital


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"Thank you all so much for looking after me...I have never been cared for by such a lovely group of people before. You made my stay as comfortable as it could have been.
Thanks again and keep up the good work!

- Sue