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Body contouring is the term used to group together those cosmetic surgery procedures that are designed to improve the shape and appearance of the body (excluding the breasts) rather than the face. It encompasses procedures that do one of the following: remove fat; trim or tighten excess fat; enhance muscle appearance.

Modern state of the art of body contouring may involve management of any combination of the following five features:

  • Excess fat in certain areas
  • Skin sag in other areas
  • Poor muscle tone and definition
  • Skin appearance, and cellulite in certain areas
  • Excess general weight, and obesity

Each of these elements must be dealt with on its own merits. Whilst many patients may only require liposuction, others may need any combination of these features. Each factor will vary in importance for any given patient, and for any given body area on that patient. This is precisely why patients need to see an expert in this field, rather than someone who has a vested interest in ‘selling’ a particular treatment.

An individual may require different treatments to different sites. For example, a person with localised excess fat around the buttocks and thighs, but with saggy skin on the arms (perhaps after determined weight loss) may be best suited to liposuction for the former, and an arm lift for the latter. In addition, any one area may require a combination of procedures. By way of illustration, a tummy tuck with abdominal fat removal would be appropriate for a person with both excess fat and saggy skin on the abdomen (perhaps after pregnancy). The key is to tailor the treatment plan to the patient’s own needs, wishes, and expectations. At all stages, a realistic assessment of what can, and, perhaps more importantly, cannot be achieved must be made clear to the patient.


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"To the staff who looked after me on Friday 16th Nov (Children in Need Day). You were so kind, caring and wonderful, you made my operation so pleasurable.
Your kindness and genuine care will not be forgotten. So, I just wanted to say ‘thank you very much’.

- Maya