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More Men Pursuing Cosmetic Surgery

More Men Pursuing Cosmetic Surgery

Written by Alexandra Hospital, on 6th August 2015

The dawn of the well groomed, 21st century man has been accompanied by a tremendous increase in products and services designed to help men enhance their appearance. From health foods to 24 hour gyms, there has never been a better time for men to take control of the way that they look. And, as more and more men in the United Kingdom are experiencing for themselves, boosting confidence in one’s appearance through cosmetic surgery is not simply for women.

Whereas in days gone by, some men were reluctant to consider surgery to address the physical signs of ageing or poor diet and lifestyle, now even the most ‘macho’ of men take a keen interest in looking their best.

Male cosmetic surgery numbers rose by 16% between 2012 and 2013, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), with men accounting for approximately one in ten (9.5%) of all  cosmetic surgery procedures.

This follows the trend in the United States, the global leader in cosmetic surgery, where the number of procedures for men has increased by over 273% since 1997, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

At the Alexandra Private Hospital in Chesterfield, we are seeing the growth in the number of male patients with a variety of surgical requests stemming from personal goals to enhance their appearance. For some, this relates to aesthetic procedures, such as facelifts, eye lid reductions and eye bag removals, or liposuction, whereas other men seek corrective surgery for misshapen noses (rhinoplasty) or ears (otoplasty).

Perhaps the most requested cosmetic surgical procedure by men at the Alexandra Private Hospital is male chest reduction, which addresses gynaecomastia (the enlargement of male breast tissue more commonly known by the somewhat unflattering term ‘man boobs’). Because gynaecomastia relates to a hormone imbalance (and not, as if often misconceived, poor diet), exercise does not offer a remedy, whilst surgery does. The procedure is significantly less invasive than breast removal in women and it offers menthe best route for removing excess breast tissue.

With three decades of experience, the Alexandra Private Hospital is well accustomed to putting patients at ease, and tailoring treatment specific to the needs and desires of all our patients. For those men who still feel uncertain about considering surgery, the Alexandra’s focus on clinical care rather than flashy sales techniques comes as a welcome change.

Moreover, the Alexandra’s range of non-surgical treatments offers a route to rejuvenation that does not involve scalpels or general anaesthetic.

With treatments such as wrinkle injections (Botox®), and dermal fillers, for example, a more youthful appearance can be attained with ease in a remarkably short period of time. Indeed, the breadth of non-surgical options available has increased with 3D-Lipo, a revolutionary new means of shedding excess fat within minutes without the need for surgery. In contrast to high street beauty therapists, all the treatment is provided in the comfortable surroundings of a hospital operating to the highest standards outlined by the General Medical Council, and the Care Quality Commission.

If you are a man looking to improve the way that you feel about your appearance, the road to a newer, happier you could start with a simple enquiry.

For information on any cosmetic surgical procedures or non-surgical treatments, including 3D-Lipo or to book a free consultation with a surgeon, get in touch with the Alexandra through the website: email, or phone.