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Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted or excessive facial or body hair can prove unsightly and embarrassing, and many men and women tire of continuous and laborious efforts to remove undesired hair. With the Soprano Pain-Free Hair Free™ system, you no longer need to undergo discomfort in order to rid yourself of unwanted hair. The Pain-Free Hair-Free™ technology has revolutionised laser hair removal, resulting in a painless experience and permanently smooth, hair-free skin.

Patients should shave the area to be treated either the day before or on the day of the treatment. Patients several treatments per area, but depending on your hair type, hair colour, and skin pigmentation, more treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results. After having completed a full course of Pain-Free Hair-Free™ treatments, patients may require a touch-up two years later.

Hair growth occurs in four stages: early anagen, anagen, catagen and telogen. All hair follicles in the Anagen, or active hair growth, phase, at the time of treatment will be damaged, and, therefore, unable to grow hair. Hair follicles that are in the other stages will not be affected by laser treatment, and, as such, several treatments are needed in order to damage all the hair follicles.

Not only does Pain-Free Hair-Free™ offer patients freedom from a lifetime of arduous hair removal regimes, but it delivers results without the pain associated with other laser hair removal techniques. Patients report a sensation akin to a ‘hot stone massage’, and benefit from an in-built cooling effect. Some patients may feel a slight degree of discomfort depending on their pain threshold, but your practitioner, who is committed to ensuring your comfort and safety at all times, can alter the settings of the laser in order to give you a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Our team of registered non-surgical professional are trained and certified as advanced practitioners in the use of the Soprano Pain-Free Hair Free™ system, and will be happy to answer any questions that you have.


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