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Scarless Suture Method Facelift

In addition to the several conventional facelift procedures, the Scarless Suture Method (SSM) facelift, also known as the Serdev Scarless Suture Method, offers patients contemplating facelift surgery a further level of choice.

The goal of the Scarless Suture Method is to restore the natural proportions, volumes, and angles of the face by raising the face tissues. As a significantly less invasive procedure, where the sutures actually dissolve and are reabsorbed in the skin, the aim is to achieve better aesthetic results, with less scarring.

Rather than the incisions of other facelift procedures, the Scarless Suture Method involves needle skin perforations between predetermined points in the face. These catch movable but stable tissue, and attach it to non-movable tissue using special polycon stitches. These stitches are elastic, absorbable, antimicrobial, and braided, and lift the target area of the face (namely example, the brow, temporal region, or mid/lower face) whilst preserving the area’s natural mimics and movement. The results are intended to rejuvenate the appearance of the face, while keeping its ‘natural look’.

The Scarless Suture Method can be used in the following facelift treatments (all of which are usually performed as day cases – not requiring an overnight stay at the Hospital – under local anaesthetic):

  • Brow Lift

A brow lift using the Scarless Suture Method can improve the appearance of eyelids using less invasive means. Results can be immediate, with minimal or no swelling or bruising.

  • Temporal Lift, and Mid-Face Lift

This procedure remedies the sagging of the Submuscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS), a condition that frequently results in a sad and tired expression. In older patients, this is frequently seen as jowls in the mandibular area, or a loss of volume in the mid-portion of the cheeks or in a visible naso-labial fold.

In the temporal lift, the effects of the procedure are seen as a tightening and upward and lateral pull of the temporal region.

In the mid-face lift, lifting loose SMAS in this area give a more prominent cheek-bone, with volumes moved to a higher position, and an elongation of the ‘beauty triangle’.

  • Lower-Face Life

Like the Temporal, and Mid-Face Lifts, a Lower-Face Lift can remedy SMAS sagging, restoring aesthetic angles and proportions, resulting in a more youthful appearance in the older patients, and an enhancement in the contours and appearance of younger patients. This procedure can be performed in conjunction with other procedures in the face.

At the time of your consultation at the Alexandra Private Hospital, your surgeon will discuss the various options available to you, in line with your specific medical circumstances. You should always feel free to ask your surgeon any questions that you have regarding the surgery, and discuss any areas that may seem unclear. The goal of your surgeon and the Hospital staff is to make your entire experience as comfortable, and worry-free as possible.


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