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Surgery for Women

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Continuing care is central to our ethos, and a crucial part of the service that we provide to our patients. Patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery need to know that their medical needs will be met, and that their post-operative requirements will be attended to with as much care and precision as their surgery. At the Alexandra Private Hospital, our dedicated team of surgeons and nurses will be by your side through every step of your treatment, from initial consultation until well after your surgery has been completed.

To achieve the best possible results from your cosmetic surgery, all our surgical patients receive free aftercare treatment on-site at our hospital, including follow-up consultations and examinations with your surgeon. Unlike patients of various cosmetic surgery clinics, which may send their patients to different locations after surgery, your aftercare with us will be provided at the same hospital in Chesterfield where your consultation, and surgery were performed.

Following your surgery, you will receive full information on the aftercare treatment that your surgeon and our nursing team will provide. This will include a review session approximately 7 days after surgery. At this time, your surgical wounds will be examined to check that they are healing properly. Your sutures may also be removed or trimmed, and dressings re-applied. Your surgeon will conduct further review sessions with you approximately 6 and 12 weeks after surgery, and arrange any further subsequent appointments as required.

Your health is our priority, and your surgeon will not discharge you until he is satisfied that your aftercare has been completed fully. At any time, you will able to ask your surgeon or the nursing team any questions that you have about the aftercare process, or how you are healing. Our mission is to take care of you, and we encourage all patients to contact us if they have any queries at all.

As with any kind of surgery, it is important to follow your surgeon’s advice regarding your recuperation period. The Hospital will provide you with prescription painkillers, and antibiotics in most instances, and you will be advised to avoid certain activities for several weeks, including smoking, drinking, and strenuous physical exertion. This is all to guarantee your health, and help achieve the best results of your surgery.

In most cases, the results of your surgery will take time to show. Your surgeon will provide you with details on how much pain, swelling, bruising, and possible scarring you can expect. He will also give you advice and instructions on the best way to aid the recuperation process. As your body heals, and swelling and bruising decrease, your new physical appearance will become visible.


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